Republican Jackie Toledo has defeated Democrat David Singer in the House District 60 race, 57 percent to 43 percent.

The 40-year-old Toledo ran an intriguing race, choosing to eschew any interviews and (mostly) ignoring the verbal slings and arrows from Singer, who ran a centrist campaign with a strong pitch to independents and moderate Republicans.

Toledo barely edged out Rebecca Smith in the primary, but had no problem in dispensing of Singer, who ran an aggressive campaign, consistently trying to tie Toledo’s policies to those of Donald Trump. Some of that stemmed from Toledo’s stance in the GOP primary, where she campaigned on a tough on illegal immigration platform, a stance she dropped once she got into the general.

The Republican Party of Florida poured tens of thousands of dollars into the race. Singer was hoping he’d get a similar infusion of cash from the state Democratic Party, but that never occurred.

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