Jacksonville Bold for 1.14.21: Lot J not OK


“Lot J will not happen.”

Those were Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry‘s words after the most significant setback of his 5 ½ years in office, the City Council’s rejection of the Lot J proposal.

The City Council had 12 votes of the 19 needed for what the Jaguars and the Mayor’s Office billed as a transformational bill. However, Curry needed 13 votes.

Lenny Curry faces a rare loss.

If it had been earlier in the second term, this might have gone through. The opponents of the deal, by and large, reached those decisions for their own reasons, leading to an unlikely alliance between Council President Tommy Hazouri and the man he defeated 16-3 for the job last year, Danny Becton.

A great moment for legislative independence? A strike against cronyism, deal-making, et al.?, Or was it really something else?

Was it this City Council, so desperate to assert itself after over half a decade of rolling over for this Mayor, killing the future of the franchise in spite?

Jacksonville never really had the bulk for an NFL team. The sales pitch was passion. These people wanted

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