Those who have been in Jacksonville for decades have long since have internalized the slogan: “Baseball’s never been hotter with the Jacksonville Suns!”

That catchy jingle has been a fixture on commercial radio for decades, promoting whatever event the local minor league baseball team was putting on to fill the stands week after week.

The Jacksonville Suns were as much a part of the city’s fabric as tollbooths on the Fuller-Warren Bridge. As the distinct smell of paper mills (“the smell of money,” it was said). As the Playtime Drive-In on Blanding; as the Po Folks on Beach Boulevard. As Corrine Brown in Congress.

Now? To quote the Violent Femmes, all of them are “gone daddy gone.”

The Jacksonville Suns have set for the last time, replaced with the most experimental branding in Jacksonville sports history: the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, a construct that — after it leaked Tuesday — elicited consternation everywhere from the fervid feeds of social media to the hallowed hallways of city hall.

If you drank every time someone made a joke about the logo looking like a shrimp mounting the Florida Peninsula, you would have been drunk by noon Wednesday.

A petition was started objecting to changing the name of the team.

It wasn’t just local media piling on. National outlets, such as Deadspin, had their say too.

As if the name is undignified, not befitting of the spectacle that is minor league baseball.

Joe Mobley of The Fiorentino Group said it well on Facebook Wednesday: “Would everyone just calm down about the minor league baseball team’s new name? Minor League baseball is about promotions, not the baseball. You have to mix it up a little bit to make money and make it work. Midget wrestling. Used car giveaway night. Monkeys riding dogs.”

It truly is

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