Jacksonville Bold for 11.11.20 — At the table … or on the menu? 

At the table … or on the menu? 

Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown used to say that voters were either “at the table or on the menu.”

Corrine Brown’s old saying came to mind this week.

After 2020, Duval Democrats are pushing for the former, if the words of political strategist Phillip Singleton are any indication.

“The biggest problem Florida Democrats had in 2020 was simple. They keep hiring and listening to unqualified people,” Singleton said.

“For Florida Democrats to have any hopes to win in 2022 or ’24, they need to clean house, and then follow the historic blueprint set in Duval County this cycle. Collectively, as a team, U.S. Rep. Al Lawson, Senate Minority Leader Audrey Gibson, state Rep. Tracie Davis, state Rep.-elect Angie Nixon, Duval Democratic Party Chair Daniel Henry, [political consultant] Siottis Jackson, myself, and a handful of other key players put a plan together to win Jacksonville for Biden — and we did!”

“There’s much to learn on what worked to flip a 40-year GOP stronghold Democratic. This Duval blueprint, and all these North Florida leaders, should be a part of

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