Jacksonville City Council rebuffs NFL Jaguars, votes down Lot J

The world’s largest scoreboards at the stadium didn’t show who hit the red and who hit the green button for the Lot J deal on Tuesday night in Jacksonville.

No, the tally was on more modest monitors in the rundown City Council chambers.

The deal ultimately fell short, a 12-7 vote falling one shy of the necessary 2/3 supermajority, and Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry and Jaguars owner Shad Khan took a shocking loss unimaginable for that mayor and that franchise in previous tries.

“Unfortunately, the deal won’t move forward,” Curry tweeted, noting that the “legislative body spoke.”

“We pulled the plug on Lot J. It’s dead,” Jaguars President Mark Lamping told media.

Opposition to the deal came from a disparate group of resisters, including City Council President Tommy Hazouri, Finance Chair Matt Carlucci, and Republicans Danny BectonAl Ferraro and Randy DeFoor, and Democrats Garrett Dennis and Joyce Morgan.

Democrats Reggie Gaffney and Brenda Priestly Jackson stumped heavily for the bill, but the real key was Garrett Dennis, who had feuded with Curry for years, pushing the red button.

“Let’s face it. The people don’t want this deal. The people don’t want Lenny Curry’s poorly negotiated deal,” Dennis said.

Dennis, routinely shredded by

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