Jaguars' Doug Marrone Was Going 57 MPH in a 35 in 1997 Arrest

Jaguars’ Doug Marrone He Wasn’t Kiddin’ … Went 57 MPH In A 35 In 1997 Arrest!!


Doug Marrone wasn’t lying … the Jaguars head coach WAS arrested back in 1997 for the same thing Leonard Fournette got busted for last week!!

TMZ Sports has obtained police docs from June 20, 1997 … when Marrone — a Georgia Tech assistant at the time — was popped for doing 57 MPH in a 35 in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida.

According to the docs … Marrone was pulled over at 11:59 AM in a 1997 Buick with fellow GT assistant coach Lance Thompson riding shotgun.

Cops say when they checked Doug’s record … they found he had a suspended license stemming from a previously unpaid ticket — and they slapped the cuffs on him.

Turns out … Marrone needed his boss — legendary college football coach George O’Leary — to get him out of jail … ’cause cops say O’Leary paid Marrone’s $100 bond!!!

Of course, Marrone’s star running back suffered a similar fate last Thursday when Fournette was pulled over at a car wash and arrested for driving on a suspended license.

Marrone announced to reporters Tuesday Fournette

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