On Monday, Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network tweeted: “If you’re Tom Coughlin/David Caldwell, would you make a call to Giants & ask what it would cost to acquire Eli Manning?”

The Jaguars should “go for it,” and explore what it would cost (in draft picks, not current players) for the Giants to consider it and if Manning would be open to it. The Giants are 0-5 and should position themselves for QB Derby 2018. The Jaguars (3-2) are in position to win the AFC South, a chance they haven’t had in years. They should pounce on the misfortune of the their division rivals.

Manning’s 2018 cap number is $22.2 million but if the Jaguars acquire him, they would not have to potentially pay more than that for a veteran free agent or trade a first-round pick for one. That way, they could still draft a young passer in rounds 1-2 next April.

Manning would arrive here energized to be in a playoff race and knowing he can lean on Leonard Fournette and the Jaguars’ lights-out defense.

Why it would not make sense: The Jaguars should want to keep their full cupboard of 2018 draft picks in case they want to make a move up in the first round to take a quarterback. In this year’s draft, Kansas City traded its 2017 -18 first-rounders plus a 2017 third-round pick to Buffalo to move up 17 spots to take Patrick Mahomes.

A reasonable offer: A 2018 third-round pick and a conditional 2018 pick (the more success the Jaguars have this year, the higher the pick) for Manning.

It is unlikely to happen, but fascinating to talk about.



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