by Mike Miller
(Mount Dora, Florida)

Lucky’s Place on Loop Road

On Tamiami Trail (US-41) about halfway between Naples and Miami there is a place called Monroe Station.

There used to be a ramshackle old building there that dated back to the 1920s. It was used as a way station, restaurant, and boarding house for early travelers on this lonely stretch of road.

The building burned down recently and all you can see now is some charred ruins.

There is a country road leading south from Monroe Station called the Loop Road. It’s official designation is CR-94.

It heads south for several miles, and then bends east where it hooks up with Tamiami Trail again.

It is probably the loneliest 25 mile stretch of road in Florida.

A few hardy pioneers used to live along this road. Most of them are gone, their homesteads purchased by the federal government when the Big Cypress was assembled as a national preserve.

A visitor recently (August 2013) drove this gravel stretch of road and says it isn’t bad for a regular passenger car.

You may see alligators, bears, panthers and a human now and then. The humans are generally fishing in the numerous shallow streams and swampy areas.

You won’t

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