Historic homes have always fascinated me during my extensive Florida travels. You can tell so much about the history and character of a town by looking around at its collection of historic homes and business buildings.

Historic Home in Mount Dora, Florida

Some of them are historic enough to be on the National Register of Historic Places or local historic districts, but many are just old Florida homes with a lot of character but no pedigree. 

Many of them are better built than their modern counterparts.  Some older lumber, for example, is much denser than the modern stuff and far more resistant to rot and termites.

As you might imagine, buying a historic house takes quite a bit more due diligence than buying one of more recent origin. 

You should have the home inspected by someone who is familiar with older homes and who is aware of potential problems like lead paint, asbestos, old wiring, structural defects or plumbing problems.

Historic Home in Mount Dora, Florida

It’s also important to get solid price estimates from contractors familiar with working on such homes.  It’s definitely a case of developing a checklist and noting the pros and cons of buying

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