Jason Fischer, Aaron Bean seek funds for Northeast Florida Holocaust survivors

On Monday, Rep. Jason Fischer filed HB 4803, an appropriations request designed to help Northeast Florida Holocaust survivors.

Sen. Aaron Bean will carry the Senate version, the filing of which is pending.

The bill would appropriate $325,000 via the Department of Elder Affairs to Jewish Family & Community Services, which operates in Duval, Flagler, and St. Johns Counties.

The state money would be matching funds for over $800,000 in grants from local and other sources.

The goal: to ensure that these Survivors of the Nazi genocide before and during World War II will be able to live independently, outside of institutions.

To that end, a multi-pronged approach to meeting their spiritual and material needs is outlined here, in hopes that state funding will be provided.

The money would fund, according to the appropriations request, “culturally-sensitive, individualized support services to approximately 100 aging Holocaust Survivors in Duval, St. Johns and Flagler Counties.”

“Services (financial assistance, medication assistance, care management and relaxation exercises) will help meet the basic needs of aging Holocaust Survivors  living in poverty, improve their physical and mental health and wellness, thereby helping them maintain their ability to live independently and avoid premature institutionalization,” the request

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