Jets must answer this question before 2021 rebuild begins: Who's the boss?

6:00 AM ET

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — A look at what’s happening around the New York Jets:

1. Johnson & Johnson? Owner Woody Johnson, who left the team in 2017 to become the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom, will be out of a job in the coming months. A new administration takes over Jan. 20, 2021, which means Johnson — a Donald Trump appointee — will be free to return to the Jets.

Will he do so?

If so, when?

Here’s how the postseason bracket looks at the moment and what scenarios lie ahead.
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These are just some of the questions hovering over the franchise as it prepares for a tumultuous offseason. The organization has been tight-lipped on the Woody Johnson matter, except for CEO Christopher Johnson saying he expects to maintain a prominent role once his big brother comes back. When the season is over, the Jets need to reveal their succession plan — or at least provide clarity — because it will impact how they do business.

Let’s assume Woody Johnson does replace Christopher as the day-to-day boss. The hot-button issues:

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