Joe Biden win brings peaceful protest, tense moments and celebration

A smattering of protests broke out around the country Saturday after former Vice President Joe Biden won the presidency, but they were mostly peaceful after days of tense standoffs and and armed protesters gathering nightly outside offices where workers were counting the votes.

In a scene that might portend what is to come, a group of about 50 Trump supporters and a smaller group of marchers carrying Black Lives Matter flags converged on the Michigan State Capitol where they pushed, shoved and shouted at one another in a tense standoff. But within moments of the race being called, a few from both sides broke into prayers and at least one pair hugged.

Tensions grew again when more Trump supporters arrived on the scene and BLM members retreated through the growing crowd.

So far, though, celebrations and revelry were carrying the day.

In Brooklyn, several hundred people were heard erupting in cheers and dancing in the streets and the air was filled with honking horns. There also was a banging of pots and pans. One car stopped in the middle of the street outside Barclays Center, the driver got out and jumped on the hood of his car, motioning for people

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