Joe Gruters to seek another term as Florida GOP leader

Joe Gruters made clear Thursday he plans to stick around as Chair of the Republican Party of Florida.

On a conference call with members of the state party’s executive committee, Gruters was asked directly if he plans to run for another term as chair. He answered that he will.

“I am planning on running,” he said. “I will make a formal announcement probably extremely soon.”

The matter came up at a well-attended meeting, one where Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel also called in the thank party leaders and Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke about the party’s Election Day successes.

“As I look back in 2016 when I became the Trump co-chairman for the state of Florida,” Gruters said. “It has been an honor of a lifetime to serve in this capacity as chairman of the party since 2018. This has been an absolutely incredible ride.”

The Sarasota state Senator this year led the state party to a stronger-than-expected Election Day showing. While Donald Trump did not win reelection nationwide, he won Florida by 371,686 votes, about 3.36 percentage points. By comparison, Barack Obama during his 2008 landslide victory won Florida by 236,450 votes and 2.8 points.


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