Joe Henderson: Alabama, of course, out front in battle against Roe v Wade

Of course, Alabama would lead the stampede to overturn Roe v Wade. Lawmakers there just passed the nation’s most restrictive abortion law. Abortions are now banned there in nearly every instance.

Deep red Alabama, named by as tied (with Mississippi) as the nation’s most religious state. Alabama, where Pew Research reported 58 percent of people believe abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.

Contrarian Alabama, where Gov. George Wallace once stood in a schoolhouse door at the University of Alabama to keep a black student from enrolling.  Wallace vowed in an inauguration speech, “segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever.”

Today, that speech would say, “No abortion now, no abortion tomorrow, no abortion ever.”

Alabama rebels when told what it can do by Washington or anyone else. But now Alabama is fine with telling women what they must do if they’re pregnant. And lawmakers don’t want to stop at their state line.

Alabama’s extraordinary power play to end abortions everywhere will likely head to the U.S. Supreme Court. That’s exactly what supporters of this bill want. They believe the Court finally will see this issue their way. Overturning the 1973 Roe v.

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