Joe Henderson: Arming schoolteachers is terrible idea but will lawmakers listen?

Arming some public-school teachers is a horrible solution to a serious problem, but when has that ever stopped the Florida Legislature?

Once they are fixated on an idea, they never let it go.

The lawmakers’ insatiable lust to introduce guns into public schools is like a virus for which there is no antidote. We see the latest example of their insidious love for high-powered weaponry playing out now in Tallahassee.

Two bills with similar intent are winding through the House and Senate. They will almost certainly pass, and Gov. Ron DeSantis has already signaled his support to sign it into law.

“If you’re somebody who’s working at a school and you’re somebody who’s trained and who has the ability to do it then you shouldn’t be precluded from carrying a firearm that could potentially deter people,” DeSantis said recently.

Look at that statement again.

IF you’re at the school, and IF you are trained, you could POTENTIALLY deter a shooter with bad intent.

Or, you could turn a tense situation worse and kill or maim innocent victims. That is the more likely scenario.

Republicans say they would leave it up to school districts to decide

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