Joe Henderson: Beware of the consequences of supporting Donald Trump’s lie

Donald Trump’s mind meld about election fraud sucks in more Republicans every day. Some of those playing the part of duped parrots are leading Florida politicians, including Gov. Ron DeSantis and Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio.

In perpetuating this fantasy, they may believe it’s just politics as usual. It’s just how they play the game, right?

Perhaps, but repeating a lie to the point where even the liar begins to believe it can have a lasting impact on legacies. History is cranky to those who believe they’re above the truth.

Consider baseball great Pete Rose, for instance.

The first line of his obituary will read something like this: Pete Rose, one of the greatest players in history, was banned from baseball for life …

Rose committed what I call the Garden of Eden sin by gambling on his own team, the Cincinnati Reds. That carries baseball’s harshest penalty.

What does that have to do with the political predicament America faces today? Maybe more than you might think at first blush. I learned that from a conversation several years ago with attorney John Dowd. He investigated Rose’s gambling habits, and it was ironclad.

Yet, when

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