Joe Henderson: Donald Trump lost the election and hysterics won’t change that

Since the usual rules no longer apply in Congress, let’s get ready to rumble. Many House and Senate Republicans are about to write their names in blood behind the impossible scheme — dream, I mean dream — to overturn the presidential election.

Go for it.

Tee up one last blast of hysteria for old time’s sake.

Matt Gaetz, you proudly call yourself a Donald Trump Republican.  Well, you are the perfect soldier for a man with no scruples.

You’re cool with a serial lying con man who will think violence in the streets during Joe Biden’s inauguration is a wonderful thing. It didn’t bother you one iota when the recording leaked of Trump badgering Georgia’s Secretary of State over the election he lost.

You’re OK with a demand from the President of the United States that Brad Raffensperger dig up enough ballots to give him the victory in Georgia.

“There’s nothing wrong with saying that, you know, um, that you’ve recalculated,” Trump told him.

Well, um, yeah there is,

By the way, even if Raffensperger went along with this traitorous scheme and somehow overturned Georgia’s vote, Biden would still win the presidency.


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