Joe Henderson: Donald Trump needs Florida seniors, but will they be there for him?

With apologies to James Carville and his famous advice in 1992 to Bill Clinton about the economy, this election comes down to one basic thing for Florida senior citizens.

It’s health care, stupid.

If Donald Trump loses Florida and its 29 electoral votes this time, health care will be the reason why.

Seniors, who comprise about 22% of Florida’s population, gave Trump a 17-point edge over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

A University of North Florida poll earlier this month shows how much that support has eroded. While Trump still leads Joe Biden by 17 points among those aged 55-64, that number shrinks dramatically with those 65 and over.

Trump’s lead there is only 50%-47%.

Biden, by the way, beats Trump in every other age category.

Seniors consume as much and probably more news than other age groups in Florida. They watched as friends and family members were quarantined for months in nursing homes and assisted living facilities because of COVID-19.

An AARP poll showed more than half of Florida voters 50 and older worry about contracting COVID-19. Nearly half, 48%, are concerned health coverage will be too expensive for them to afford.

An estimated one

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