Joe Henderson: Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis is a warning to all

Some things surpass politics, even in a presidential election season. For that reason, “get well soon” is the only appropriate response now that President Donald Trump and the First Lady contracted COVID-19.

I wish for both of them – and everyone battling this hideous virus – a speedy and complete recovery.

It is a fact, however, that the election won’t stop because the President is in quarantine. As of Friday, the Florida elections department reported 341,877 mail ballots are already returned.

Of those, nearly twice as many came from Democrats – 184,552 compared to 93,212. Democrats also requested 2.2 million mail ballots, while about 1.5 million Republicans did the same.

While the President’s health adds another layer of uncertainty to one of the strangest campaigns we’ve seen, things won’t slow that much. They can’t.

Florida TV stations will continue to air the customary barrage of political attack ads. Postal workers will continue stuffing colorful fliers into your mailbox. You will receive robocalls because that’s what happens during big elections.

Trump was supposed to be at the Sanford-Orlando airport Friday for a rally, but obviously, that was canceled. Assuming he comes through this unscathed – a

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