Joe Henderson: Florida GOP wants to place more hurdles on Amendment 4

Florida Republicans just couldn’t accept the vote on Amendment 4 and let it go. Tallahassee couldn’t take its collective feet off the throats of people least able to defend themselves.

I’m not surprised and don’t know why anyone would be.

Floridians approved Amendment 4 by nearly 65 percent last November. It restored voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences, including parole and probation.

That’s about 1 million people, and it should be noted that those convicted of crimes like murder and rape are not eligible. Case closed?


The Florida House responded with a thinly disguised shakedown. That’s not how they phrase it, of course. They are attempting, they say, to clarify what it takes to get those rights restored.

Uh huh.

Yeah, Mr. or Ms. Felon, you spent a lot of time in jail and then completed your probation. But unless you can pay all these outstanding fees that weren’t necessarily part of your original sentence, you’re still a felon in the GOP’s narrowed eyes.

Good lord, people. That is pathetic.

Everyone understands why Republicans are doing it, too. They believe the majority of those whose rights are restored will choose candidates

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