Joe Henderson: Florida voters again show that Democrats still don’t get it

America, you can cease the stereotypes and smirks about the way Florida conducts elections. On Tuesday, the process went smoothly and quickly here. Elections supervisors throughout the state should take a bow.

That was a public service announcement of appreciation for leaders who we only talk about when things go terribly wrong. We now proceed with our regularly scheduled presentation about what went down on Election Day.

Well, Democrats went down – all over the place.

President Donald Trump, of course, easily captured Florida’s 29 electoral votes. Two South Florida Democrats in the U.S. House — Debbie Mucarsel-Powell and Donna Shalalalost their reelection bids.

Republicans still have complete control of the Legislature. They also sent a gut punch to Democrats in Miami-Dade by making great strides with the Cuban-American vote there.

Democrats needed to run up the score in Miami-Dade, but got a pie in their face instead. Since early this year, Trump and Republicans flooded Hispanic radio in Miami with ads linking Biden with socialism. Democrats apparently didn’t realize how deeply that resonates with Cuban-Americans, who keep a life-long loathing of the Castro regime.

That contributed greatly to Trump’s eventual 3-plus% victory

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