Joe Henderson: Hillsborough COVID-19 vaccine rollout a ‘clown show’

I normally prefer to provide my own snark in this space, but this time I’ll cede the opening statement to Republican Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagan. During a Board meeting Wednesday, Hagan said the following about the COVID-19 vaccine, uh, well, we can’t call it a rollout exactly.

What should we call it?

Mr. Hagan?

For me, the only adequate way to characterize the vaccine registration process is that of a clown show,” he said. “However, it’s not amusing when the potential life and death consequences (are) at stake. Candidly, if this occurred in the private sector, someone’s ass would be fired.”

Credit Tampa’s FOX 13 reporter Jennifer Holton for that tweet, along with this nugget. She reported that Hillsborough Deputy County Administrator Greg Horwedel fired the call center vendor in charge when the starting gun sounded earlier this week for anyone 65 years and over to make vaccinations appointments.

I tried to do just that once, then twice, then … aw, you know.

Nothing worked.

This crap is going on all over the state.

Clown show indeed.

The question is, why? Oh, and who else should be fired?

It’s not like we didn’t know vaccines were on the way.

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