Joe Henderson: Jane Castor cruising (so far) to be Tampa’s next Mayor

If that’s the sound of crickets you hear around the runoff election to be Tampa’s next Mayor, Jane Castor may be a big reason why that is so. Her campaign has been textbook so far on how to be the runaway leader without being overbearing.

Castor has frustrated rich guy opponent David Straz by not reacting too much to his taunts, jabs, and innuendo. Coming off her dominant performance in the general election, her victory in the April 23 runoff seems to be a foregone conclusion.

Therein lies maybe the only way she can lose, though. If supporters forget to vote — and the turnout in runoffs isn’t usually good — Tampa could be in for an April surprise.

But Castor seems to have that base covered, too. The campaign will be stressing voter turnout leading to the election.

She has wide support from all corners of the city, including the recent endorsement by seven prominent voices in Tampa’s African-American community.

They praised Castor her knowledge of neighborhood needs throughout the city.

“Jane Castor has been in our community for over 30 years, working with our neighborhoods and citizens to make our city safer for everyone,”

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