Rick Scott’s greatest political gift has been perfect timing.

He proved that in 2010 when he tapped into Floridians’ angst over the recession with an oft-repeated simple slogan: “Let’s Get To Work.”

Even after the first election, you could ask him about the weather or the NFL draft and his answer was always the same: jobs, jobs, jobs.

It worked. Scott was able to rise from an outsider in the business world who had never held elected office to a two-term governor. Now, he is casting his eye toward the U.S. Senate.

That brings us to the way he is flooding the TV airwaves now with commercials about term limits for Congress. His Democratic opponent in November, not coincidentally, is three-term Senator Bill Nelson.

At first blush, it might seem like a humongous waste of money on an ad blitz advocating something that is never going to happen. Congress would never pass such a law.

Also, Scott faces no primary challenger for the Republican nomination, so it’s not like he needs to pander to his conservative base.

But Scott’s camp does need a big share of Florida’s nearly 3.5 million independent voters. He is betting his message of term limits will resonate loudly with them.

“Term limits have always been extraordinarily popular with people, especially independents,” Emeritus Professor of Government at USF St. Petersburg Darryl Paulson said.

“Scott has been successful, or lucky if you want to look at it that way, in winning two gubernatorial elections by narrow margins (of about 1 percent). He needs to knit together a coalition that goes beyond his base, and independents really love this notion of term limits.”

It’s just the latest example of Scott making moves today with November in mind.


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