Joe Henderson: Thank you, Governor, for the early Christmas present

Don’t faint. This is a thank-you note to Gov. Ron DeSantis for the early Christmas present he gave me.

Well, me and the 4.4 million or so other Floridians age 65 and over.

The Governor signed an executive order signaling we’re the next group to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Long-term care facility residents and staff and health care workers with direct patient contact are priorities as well.

Just tell me where to go and when to be there, and I’ll show up with my sleeve already rolled.

My wife and I have been diligent mask-wearers throughout the pandemic. We followed medical recommendations about the best ways to protect ourselves and others. Receiving the vaccination is the next logical step.

The Governor’s move bucks the CDC recommendation that for now only those age 75 and older get the vaccination, along with essential frontline workers. The latter group includes emergency responders, teachers, and grocery store employees.

DeSantis, who is 42, said nope to that.

“It makes no sense for someone that’s 42 to jump ahead of someone that is 70 years old,” he told reporters. “You can look at the data on this, it’s very clear. I

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