Joe Henderson: Three years after Pulse massacre, nothing has changed

The third anniversary of the Pulse nightclub massacre brought remembrance, proclamations, and acknowledgments by the state that something horrific happened that night in Orlando.

Well, OK. The people of Florida and their leaders always should remember the evil that on June 12, 2016. Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered flags to fly at half-staff throughout the state.

But simply remembering the murders of 49 human beings, many who were part of the LGBTQ community, is not enough.

It will never be enough until Florida decides it’s not a good idea to have weapons of mass murder that are so easy to obtain. And that’s the problem.

After leaders offered their thoughts and prayers following Pulse, did anything change?

High-powered weapons like the one used in the Pulse rampage are still readily available. The National Rifle Association still gets what it wants from its serfs in the Legislature. The NRA aggressively fights even tepid restrictions to Florida’s gun laws.

When horror happens as we saw in Orlando, Second Amendment advocates sometimes change the narrative to confuse the issue.

After the Pulse massacre, the focus shifted from gun control to the necessity that we aggressively fight terrorism. The murderer,

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