Jordyn Woods in London After Moving Junk Out of Kylie Jenner's Guesthouse

Jordyn Woods London’s Sure More Welcoming than Calabasas

Jordyn Woods and her mother, Elizabeth, surfaced for the first time since Kylie Jenner said her former BFF really “f***** up.”

Jordyn and Elizabeth were leaving a London hotel Saturday night, looking kinda stoic. The Kardashian sisters went in on Jordyn in a big way for the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” promo. It was emotional and sure felt real.

Kylie recently let Jordyn back into her guesthouse to move out her belongings, which seems to be the final chapter, at least for now. 

Jordyn’s been in London several times recently to promote her Eylure lash line. She’s also hawking a clothing line.

Life goes on. 

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