Democrat Annette Taddeo has crossed the six-figure mark in total fundraising for her SD 40 campaign, but the perennial candidate’s spike was overshadowed by another banner campaign finance report from Republican Rep. Jose Felix Diaz.

The pair are running to take over for former Republican Sen. Frank Artiles, who was pushed out of office in the middle of the 2017 Legislative Session after a racially charged outburst directed at a pair of black senate colleagues.

Diaz’s first report since trouncing Alex Diaz de la Portilla in the Republican Primary shows $242,000 in contributions, putting his campaign well past the $1 million mark in total fundraising. That money was augmented by another $202,579 of “in kind” contributions from the Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee.

The committee was also his biggest backer monetarily, chipping in with a $50,000 check in early August, though Diaz took in plenty in non-party contributions.

Max donors for the three-week reporting period included  Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Sen. Dennis Baxley, Anheuser Busch, and Sen. Tom Lee through his political committee, “The Conservative.” Consultant Steve Marin also chipped in alongside his wife and his consulting shop Marin & Sons.

Diaz also spent more than $100,000 between July 21 and Aug. 18, with the lion’s share heading to ad buys and campaign swag. Miami-based DRC Consulting got $60,000 aloe, while Marin got $14,100 for campaign signs and print ads.

On Aug. 18, Diaz’s ledger showed $208,000 on hand.

Taddeo’s report listed $106,552 in contributions, a personal best, for a to-date total of $190,451. The filing also shows $101,071 in spending, leaving her with just under $29,000 in the bank a month out from the Sept. 26 special election.

The Miami Democrat’s campaign for SD 40 bid marks her fourth campaign for elected office in as many years.

In 2014, she was former Republican Gov.

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