Julia Louis-Dreyfus Has the Best Response After a Fly Lands on Mike Pence's Head Mid-Debate

Did the fly steal the show? 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus had some thoughts about the fly that surprisingly landed on Vice President Mike Pence‘s head during the Vice Presidential debate on Wednesday, Oct. 7. 

The actress, who portrayed Vice President Selina Meyer on the hit show Veep, said that she wished she had included the insect as a plot point on the HBO show, because it was apparently a made-for-TV moment.

“Well, I really wish we had thought of this on @veephbo,” she wrote on social media. Louis-Dreyfus followed it up by asking, “who is controlling that fly?” 

The fly sparked several conversations on Twitter, became a trending topic and inspired fan accounts.

Emmy sweeper Dan Levy demanded the fly receive accolades for its acting skills. “Give that fly a SAG Award,” the Schitt’s Creek creator wrote. 

A Simple Favor director Paul Feig also weighed in, writing, “Footage of Pence being told backstage that there was a fly on his head for several minutes” accompanied by the Jim Carrey “Oh come on” GIF. 

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