Justin Bieber Performs Inspiring Renditions of “Lonely” and “Holy” at 2020 People's Choice Awards

Justin also took to Instagram earlier on Sunday evening to send out some gratitude and positive vibes for fans before the show, and he shared a little clip of his People’s Choice Awards private rehearsal.

“All my life i felt in my heart i was supposed to entertain. I had been given these abilities that i wanted to showcase. My heart as i get older is to ask god to refine my heart,” he wrote alongside the clip. “To make sure my intention remains pure. My intention is to inspire, uplift, empower and lead people to know and see the love of God. To remind people of the joy and wonder that is all around us. Fear of rejection can scare us away from our full potential. But asking God to use us even when we’re scared takes the pressure off of us and reminds us that he is in control.”

If this performance is any indication, he’s definitely fulfilling his calling.

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