Kate Hudson Reflects on “Challenging” Family Relationships: “Estrangement Is Real”

“Family relationships are challenging, and I think one of the things I’ve loved about doing this podcast with Oliver is realizing that everybody in every situation…no matter where you come from or what situation it is, it’s so relatable and family is everything and it informs everything that we are and the hope is that you can connect,” she shared. “But I also love that we also talk about how sometimes, you know, estrangement is real, the family complexity is real and it’s okay if you create your own family, that blood doesn’t always have to be thicker than water, but if you could make the blood connect, then that’s a great thing but it doesn’t have to be everything.”

While appearing on Today, Kate also detailed her New Year’s goals. As she continues working on her interpersonal relationships, the 41-year-old actress remains dedicated to staying healthy. As a paid spokesperson for WW, Kate shared her secrets to staying fit.

“I love their program,” she raved. “They’re constantly innovating and they’re just an amazing support system for anyone who is looking to stay healthy, stay on track, lose weight, whatever it is, and they really have formulated their program to be more holistic.”

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