Kawhi to Clips: 'Have fun,' don't rush title chase

3:16 AM ET

LOS ANGELES — Kawhi Leonard reached the halfway point of the season for the LA Clippers with his most explosive game, scoring 43 points in just under 29 minutes Tuesday night at Staples Center.

But after helping the Clippers temporarily bust out of their recent funk and make quick work of the Cleveland Cavaliers in a 128-103 rout, Leonard’s mind seemed to be on winning a championship and reminding his teammates just how hard it is to get to the end of June and hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Leonard repeatedly talked about how the Clippers (28-13) need to slow down and not be in a hurry to get to where they hope to be.

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“We just can’t be in a rush,” Leonard said when asked about how important it is for the Clippers to have continuity at this stage of the season. “That’s what I’m [telling them]. Just be patient. It’s hard to win a championship. The pressure isn’t even on us now. Just enjoy the process and have fun.”

It certainly will be a lot easier for Doc Rivers and the Clippers when Leonard is feeling this

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