Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Claudia Conway Reflects on “Dark” Year After American Idol Audition

Claudia Conway is ending 2020 with a message of hope and gratitude. 

The 16 year old is the daughter of Kellyanne Conway, a former campaign manager and senior counselor to President Donald Trump, as well as the Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway. Earlier this year, Claudia rose to fame on TikTok, gaining a following after expressing views that differed from her conservative parents. She also exposed her tumultuous relationship with her family, with Kellyanne choosing to leave her role at the White House in August in order to focus on Claudia’s well-being. 

In a Dec. 31 Instagram post, Claudia expressed gratitude for the followers who stuck by her during a rollercoaster year. 

“I can’t fully express how grateful i am to be writing this. sounds quite ironic, but i’m alive— something i didn’t believe i would still be,” she wrote. “this year was my downfall but coincidentally my uprising. i spent much of 2020 in the dark corners of my mind, losing myself and the essence of my soul. i let darkness conquer me. don’t really know how but halfway through 2020, you all entered my life. i gained a following on an app i used for fun. for me, it isn’t a superficial thing.

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