Kevin Rader, Lori Berman endorse Kelly Skidmore for HD 81

Sens. Kevin Rader and Lori Berman are endorsing former Rep. Kelly Skidmore for House District 81, Skidmore announced Saturday.

Skidmore is running to succeed Rep. Tina Polsky who is vacating her seat to run in Senate District 29.

Skidmore previously served two terms in the House from 2006 until 2010.

“Kelly is an accomplished legislator who knows how to get things done. I’m supporting her because I am fully confident that she will represent this district with the same passion and commitment she has always brought with her to Tallahassee,” Rader said. “With the health and economic crises we are now facing, Kelly’s depth of experience will be beneficial not only to the people of Palm Beach County but also to the State House as an institution.”

Rader caused a series of shuffles after he withdrew his election bid earlier this week. Polsky announced she would run earlier this week.

Skidmore announced her candidacy Thursday morning.

“Kelly’s history of standing up for reproductive rights and demanding equal pay for equal work are a testament to her character as well as an indication of what she’ll do as the next State Representative from District 81,” Berman said.


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