Khloe Kardashian Tells Tristan Thompson Exactly How She Feels About Getting Back Together

And, from what Tristan shared with Malika, it was clear that the basketball player regretted his past behavior.

“We’re in a good space but, obviously you know, I lost my partner-in-crime, my taco Tuesday buddy,” Tristan shared. “It’s like, damn. When it hits you, it hits you hard.”

While he continued to open up to Malika, Tristan acknowledged that Khloe “sacrificed the world for me” and called his past behavior “immature.”

“I put a lot of weight on opinions that didn’t matter,” he added. “It’s ok to be deeply in love, you don’t lose your man power.”

After Tristan’s revelation, Malika shared that, while he had a “tough journey” ahead of him, “everything [was] not lost.”

Tristan went on to declare, “I want my baby back. I want my queen back.”

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