It looks like Kim Kardashian aims to break the internet again, and those hilarious NSFW pics that she’s been sharing were just a warm-up.

This time, she’s gone fully nude.

All to create a mold so that you can buy perfume bottles shaped exactly like her legendary curves. Take a look!

Kim Kardashian shared the image that you’re about to see on Instagram.

As you can see, either Kim or someone on her team had to make a couple of tweaks to the image to meet Instagram’s standards.

You can see that her nipples have been pixilated, both because Instagram is famously unable to cope with lady nips and because Kim generally avoids showing fans her entire nipples.

You may also notice that her crotch area appears to have received the same treatment.

(Unlike when it comes to nipples, Instagram is very even-handed with their ban on displaying genitals)

In the caption of this still salacious photo, Kim writes:

“We took a mold of my body and made it a perfume bottle.”

Take a look:

Kim looks incredible!

Those legendary curves will make her perfume bottles as unique and distinctive as her own body.

We’ve spoken before about how, when it comes to the Kardashians, their brands are tied to their bodies.

Sure, a lot of actors and TV personalities try to stay in shape, just like regular people. Life is that much easier when you’re better looking.

But for the Kardashians, so much of the content that they produce hinges upon their curves, their skin, their beautiful faces, and often tantalizing glimpses of them wearing little to nothing.

Like the sort of thing that Kim’s been posting lately.

This nudity helps to attract fans — many of whom,

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