‘Knife to a gunfight’: GOP lawmakers take victory lap at House Republican Conference

House Republicans took a victory lap on Monday to celebrate their Election Day success ahead of the 2021 Organization Session.

The House Republican Conference was the first GOP gathering in Tallahassee since Nov. 3, when Republicans jumped out to a 78 – 42 House chamber lead.

House Speaker Chris Sprowls flaunted the gains and loosely quoted legendary actor Sean Connery to illustrate the Florida GOP’s success.

“When Forward Majority showed up in Florida with their giant piles of cash, well, to paraphrase the late great Sean Connery, they quickly realized they had brought a knife to a gunfight.”

The GOP lawmakers were presented with a celebration video that featured headlines illustrating the GOP’s Election Day highs and the Democratic Party’s lows.

The lawmakers erupted in applause when a Florida Politics headline was shown about the defeat of former Democratic Rep. Cindy Polo in House District 103.

Sprowls later congratulated the incoming HD 103 lawmaker, Rep. Tom Fabricio.

“While his opponent was tweeting, Tom Fabricio was knocking on door after door, day after day, for months in the Florida hot sun,” Sprowls said. “He was a machine. And It turns out their progressive star was

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