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Knox Medical cannabis products are available in Low THC, High CBD forms as well as High THC forms and come in Sublingual Drops, Topical’s and Cartridge forms. They are currently available via delivery or directly from the open Knox Medical Marijuana Dispensary locations.KNOX Zeltor CBD – 300mg Vape Cartridge

KNOX Baldor Hybrid - Get up and go with our specially designed product for daytime use. Baldor relieves pain throughout the day, leaving patients feeling energized without causing drowsiness or lethargy. Because of this, Baldor is a popular daytime pain relief remedy and may be used in combination with other products better suited to induce sleep. Baldor’s Sativa-forward (80/20) hybrid breeding produces a product that offers full-body relaxation with only mild cerebral effect. THC levels of 17% - 24% are calibrated for more moderate and sustained relief, with a particular focus on relieving feelings of fatigue, depression, and stress without heavy sedation.

KNOX Baldor Hybrid – 300mg Vape Cartridge

KNOX Baldor Hybrid – 600mg Sublingual Drops

KNOX Elara THC-CBD Blend – 600mg Sublingual Drops

KNOX Elara THC-CBD Blend – 600mg – Topical Cream

Gemma is well-suited to patients suffering from many of the worst side effects in the fight against cancer. The product has been shown to be effective in combating symptoms of nausea and depressed appetite in those undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. Knox Medical’s most powerful medical cannabis product, Gemma delivers high doses of THC, specifically designed for those patients who need immediate and strong doses of THC, with concentrations levels of up to 28%.KNOX Gemma Hybrid – 600mg Sublingual Drops

KNOX Gemma – Hybrid – 300mg Vape Cartridge

KNOX Hydra Sativa – 600mg Sublingual Drops

KNOX Odra Hybrid – 300mg Vape Cartridge

KNOX Odra Hybrid - Migraine sufferers will appreciate relief from intense symptoms while also experiencing a relaxed sense of euphoria. A hybrid blend, Odra presents cancer patients with the best of Sativa’s energizing effects and Indica’s ability to reduce pain. Odra is especially well-known for its ability to mitigate the symptoms of chronic migraines, ADD/ADHD, and other mental health and stress disorders.

KNOX Odra Hybrid – 600mg Sublingual Drops

KNOX Polaris Indica - Polaris is a first-line product prescribed to patients suffering from the initial side effects of chemotherapy. Parkinson’s sufferers find the Polaris proprietary strain to be highly effective in reducing muscle tremors and nerve pain. With its specifically calibrated THC concentration, a 100% pure indica derived product, Polaris offers more moderate doses of THC (17-23%) and is intended for longer-term use. Polaris is the first product many patients are prescribed when starting a medical cannabis regimen.

KNOX Polaris Indica – 600mg Sublingual Drops

KNOX Regor CBD - Regor is targeted for patients suffering from chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression disorders, insomnia, and lack of appetite. Chronic pain and stress sufferers prefer Regor for its symptom relieving effects and the mild state of relaxation many feel with continued use. Regor’s high CBD concentration, but low THC content is well suited for those looking for the medicinal value of cannabis without psychoactive effects. Regor is a high CBD medicinal offering that is manufactured from one of Knox Medical’s proprietary cross-strain varietals. While it induces little to no psychoactive effects, it can produce a sense of mild relaxation while also delivering up to 15% concentration of CBD.

KNOX Regor CBD – 300mg Sublingual Drops

KNOX Regor CBD – 300mg Vape Cartridge

KNOX Subra Sativa - Subra is preferred among patients for its energizing and long lasting effects. Subra satisfies those who need immediate but prolonged relief from relief from stress, pain, and depression. Patients can expect long-lasting pain and stress relief while also experiencing the product’s characteristic “dreamy, but energizing” euphoric sensations. Specifically bred by Knox Medical, Subra is our fastest-acting product, manufactured from 100% pure sativa plants which are specifically bred for higher THC/lower CBD concentrations.KNOX Subra Sativa – 600mg Sublingual Drops

KNOX Subra Sativa – 300mg Vape Cartridge

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