La Russa settles DUI case, is angry at himself

1:05 PM ET

ESPN News Services

Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa pleaded guilty to a lesser charge to resolve misdemeanor drunken-driving charges stemming from his arrest nearly 10 months ago on a freeway in metro Phoenix.

The 76-year-old pleaded guilty to reckless driving Monday in Maricopa County Justice Court. La Russa was sentenced to one day of home detention and fined nearly $1,400, and he is required to complete 20 hours of community service.

La Russa was arrested on Feb. 24, but the charges were filed on Oct. 28 — one day before his hiring by Chicago.

In a conference call Monday, La Russa said, “The anguish that I have felt for nine months I will never forget.

“I brought this on myself. I know it. I feel deep remorse and regret over what I did. It’s impossible to explain how daily and deeply this gets at you and has bothered me for a long time. Obviously I displayed bad judgment that night in February. I’m grateful to the White Sox for standing by me.”

He said he was angry at himself, and his “goal is to prove.”

“Before, [it] was proving myself on the

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