Fluent Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Lake Worth, FL

1 South Dixie Highway
Suite A
Lake Worth, FL 33460

Hours of Operation:

MON-FRI: 10:00AM-7:00PM
SAT & SUN: 10:00AM-6:00PM

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available On Site


Dispensary/MMTC – Open

Lake Worth – Fluent has an open medical marijuana dispensary location at 1 South Dixie Highway – Lake Worth, Florida 33460 to service West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Jupiter and Palm Beach County in general.

Fluent Cannabis Care is committed to ensuring medical cannabis patients near Lake Worth access to consistent and pure THC and CBD products, in a professional dispensary location from the highest level of industry experts.

Fluent MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition must have received a Florida MedCard from an State Certified MMJ Doctor. The low-THC/ high CBD cannabis products are available for patients who prefer non-euphoric care.


Fluent cannabis care products may be available by home delivery in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Jupiter and throughout Palm Beach County. Florida Med Card holders can order online or over the phone and have marijuana deliveries RX arrive right to the door.

Please see the discounts section for additional details & limitations. Call 833.735.8368 to schedule and check availability of home delivery. $25 delivery fee applies to orders under $200.

Find a recommending doctor near me on our Doctors Maps here or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Fluent Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Piero Antinori
Piero A.
00:14 25 Nov 21
This place is fantastic!! Perfect!! So happy to be able to ask questions and get a respond and recommendation very friendly and kindly. Great customer service.Joanna was fabulous, so helpful, nice, polite and friendly.Definitely my new place to get my products.read more
Jaydon Caban
Jaydon C.
20:39 18 Nov 21
Brandon was terrific gave me spectacular customer service.
Cindy Strang
Cindy S.
20:17 16 Oct 21
Had a great experience with Joanna today. First time @ Fluent and Joanna was very informative and very helpful! Will be visiting Fluent again just @ Lake Worth location. Nice meeting you Joanna! 😊read more
Benjamin Mitchell
Benjamin M.
16:20 16 Oct 21
I used to really like fluent. There’s been a couple things over the last couple months that have made it where I only go there to buy one product and one product only, and that is simply because they’re the only one that have it. Tonight I was really stressed out from a long day at work so I got off and spit over to fluent while having the stress to stop at the ATM on the way. I arrived at 7:52 set in my car Google the hours of operation and saw they were 8:00. Ran up to the door at 7:55 and it was locked. I called out through the hole in the door no answer. Do you remember earlier how I said I only go for one thing? It’s to the point now where they don’t even have that one thing anymore. Fluent could really be a good dispensary I hope they get their stuff together. Update.. 10 15 21 I went by fluent today and I misunderstood the deal however the manager there miss Charmaine was amazing and very helpful. She honored the deal even when I was wrong. Great service!read more
Francis Lopez
Francis L.
13:05 27 Aug 21
Love coming here. It’s my regular dispensary. Not gonna lie they do be running out of flower and pre-rolls often but every time I go there are always a lot of customers so makes sense 😅read more
14:19 04 Aug 21
Shout out to Brandon, whom was very helpful to me this morning. Great location.
Noah S
Noah S
21:55 29 May 21
Great service! Great products! Brandon was super knowledgeable about all the products. We will absolutely be returning customers! Great job Brandon and the Fluent crew!read more
Ricardo Chavez
Ricardo C.
18:43 04 May 21
Since getting my card I’ve been to a few dispensaries. Thankfully I came across Fluent!! It is a well equipped dispensary and more importantly the Staff is fantastic!! They are very informative with out being pushy… Answering all questions. I especially had a great experience w Brandon F… He really was patient and very informed about the products and helped me understand which product would be best suited for me ..read more
Chanti clare
Chanti C.
17:15 28 Feb 21
I went to Fluent this morning, was my first time back in years! The girls at reception where very helpful super sweet! Brandon assisted me in the showroom . He was helpful and patient, explained the difference in products and was nice enough to give me pointers on how to keep track of doses! Great experience can’t wait to go back!! Awesome staffread more
21:10 30 Jan 21
Great atmosphere and nice deals. Brandon was extremely knowledgeable and patient when explaining their menu, as well as the effects of strains. I’ll definitely be back and make Fluent my new dispensary. 👍🏼read more
19:18 15 Jan 21
I had such a positive experience going to Fluent. I chose to go here for my first experience at a dispensary on the recommendation of my doctor. I’m so so glad I did! The woman who helped me, I believe her name was Veronica (if not, I’m so so sorry!), was so unbelievably helpful. I have very high anxiety and these kinds of situations tend to make me feel very overwhelmed. All the employees, and even some customers, were so kind and caring that the whole experience was amazing. I got exactly what I needed and I got a great, great deal. The discount program is really incredible. I highly, highly recommend!read more
14:12 17 Dec 20
Branden F was extremely friendly and helpful. Really enjoyed the whole menu thing at the beginning as I’m an info nerd of sorts. Definitely will be back 🙂read more
Chris Klein
Chris K.
20:19 07 Dec 20
The first dispensary I ever went to and still my favorite! The staff at fluent in lake worth is so friendly! They make you feel like a part of the fluent family every time you come in and there is nothing they aren’t willing to help with. Whether you want to pop in and out for a quick purchase or spend some time learning about products this Fluent location is perfect!read more
JamesNXS Lewis
JamesNXS L.
14:05 07 Dec 20
I used to travel to this location when living in Palm Beach Gardens. Now that I live in the neighborhood and visit more often, they recognize my face and most know my name. The staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable about the product line. Having access so close to my home has been the best part of having relocated to Lake Worth! 😊read more
Colleen Murray
Colleen M.
21:09 06 Dec 20
Just had a wonderful stop in at Fluent Lake Worth to grab some essentials. Chris, Deb & Larry were so welcoming & knowledgeable! They have incredible flower, keif, & gummies. Head over there for the best service and medical marijuana in town! 5 stars all the way!All the best!Nurse Colleenread more
Gina Ferrara
Gina F.
15:13 03 Dec 20
Personnel at this Fluent location are welcoming and knowledgeable. Being new to medical marijuana, I wasn’t sure which products I should use. I asked a lot of questions and felt hopeful I would find pain relief with the choices I was given.read more
Brandon Ferrara
Brandon F.
15:04 03 Dec 20
This is my go to dispensary. They have great, uncut, pure vape cartridges, many options for flower and prerolls, edibles, and so much more. The staff is incredible and always very friendly and knowledgeable.read more
22:56 01 Dec 20
Juliana is an amazing and knowledgable bud tender. I love going to Fluent. They have deals going on all the time and have a great first time patient discount ($150 off 75$), It’s the dispensary I go to the most and the customer service is excellent ! And the bud is great.read more
Pedro Lopez
Pedro L.
12:50 28 Nov 20
I live right down the road. Takes me ten mins to walk there. They know me by name and treat me like family. I even owe them $5. Fluent is Family.read more
Veronica Kapralov
Veronica K.
21:33 27 Nov 20
Super knowledgeable staff. They answered questions I didn’t even know I needed to ask. Thanks for all of your help.
Paul Cassenelli
Paul C.
14:15 18 Oct 20
Always a pleasure shopping here. I dont go anywhere else!! Very smart workers n always nice no matter whats happening outside the doors! Thanks !read more
Richard Galli
Richard G.
17:43 27 Sep 20
I had a great experience with fluent honestly they have the best flower around not dried to a crisp like everywhere else great customer service can’t wait to go back!!read more
Jose Fernando
Jose F.
23:27 10 Sep 20
is good select options
Mike N
Mike N
18:17 15 Jun 20
Great staff great product selection. Also very knowledgeable staff who are familiar with the products. Makes it very easy to find what you need to Target certain ailments.Also I see a lot of complaints about fluent not replacing a faulty product,LIES. I had a cartridge that broke after a few uses. Took it in and was told I’d have to bring it back next time when a manager was in. Came in a couple days later and the cartridge was replaced no questions asked.read more
Kevin Adams
Kevin A.
21:59 22 May 20
Recently received my MMJ card, and I have only visited ‘2’ places in the past couple of months. I received a welcome gift basket along with my visit to my Doc`. There were/ are a lot of discount offer/coupons from all the various dispensaries across the state; one of them was/is for ” FLUENT ” in Lake Worth, where there are other dispensaries in the area. Had an excellent experience with ( I forgot her name ) , that’s how great it was !!! They definitely are “Fluent” in my kind of language. Although I had ‘4’ other stops in mind after this one, I only made it to one other as I was/am convinced after visiting FLUENT of Lake Worth, I did not feel it necessary to continue on my journey, being quite content with the FLUENT experience. Just made my day/week/month…….Thank You…..looking forward to the next visit.read more
Karin Kearney
Karin K.
14:55 01 May 20
Nice facility, decent staff, decent products. The renaming of strains is annoying and the prices are to high. 20% discounts make prices almost normal.read more
Chelsey Amaya
Chelsey A.
20:29 02 Apr 20
Absolutely Horrible, I understand with the situation things are just different. I ordered over the phone at 10 am— Got a text message 10:09 my order was ready for pick up. Left my house at 3pm -Called 20 min before– I headed from Palm Beach Lakes on my lunch break to LAKE WORTH. Called when i was outside I was told by the lady who answered she would call me right back to give me my price ( as they took my order over the phone) . 30 min later i call back and i was told Curbside is down I would have to walk in and bring my 8 year old with me. Go inside and the man at the counter was unbelievably rude not only on the phone but when i came into the dispensary. These people should be a little more positive. I have EXTREME Anxiety and Depression. I didn’t bother anyone ordering 5 hours ahead and verifying my presence as requested. I will NEVER be coming back to this location saved myself $160 by switching to Grow Healthy …. Maybe look for people who have more customer service skills and are not irritated by the presence of others.read more
ekene evelyn
ekene E.
11:12 08 Mar 20
They are always out of stock and their customer service is horrible, always telling their customers they have something that they don’t. Don’t waste your time going here, great product selection but never any product and when it’s in it disappears before you can get some. The worst stocked dispensary in the area Curaleaf is a very close second.read more
Heather Bailey
Heather B.
18:13 03 Mar 20
Best of the best of the best sir! With honors! Because the people who work here are just that, the best of the best.Always warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable about every product, and if they don’t know the answer to something they never jerk you around with a bogus answer. They will ask each other and if they still can’t come to a conclusion they will make sure to find one.All the products are top notch, I have never had an issue with anything I have ever gotten from them.Professional to boot. This is absolutely the place to go even if it’s just for information.read more
Jay Buick
Jay B.
18:15 15 Jan 20
First time customer. I placed my order online at night and went to the dispensary (Lake Worth location) the next morning. I was checked in and shortly thereafter called back for my purchase. Even though they were a little busy, I was in and out in under 10 minutes. That’s efficient service and it is deeply appreciated!BTW, purchased the Subra (Sour Diesel) and it is not disappointing. Fruity diesel aroma and crystals clear to the naked eye. Moreover, the first session was instant headiness as it crept down through the body. Kudos!👍read more
Walter Ward
Walter W.
13:13 08 Dec 19
Love this place great people easy to find location. Used to take a heavy does pain pills. No more
Andrew Martin
Andrew M.
21:37 27 Nov 19
Just left 20 mins ago with a smile on my face. Shannon G. was EXTREMELY helpful to all of my 1st time questions. I cant wait to go back.read more
Bryan 75
Bryan 7.
04:16 10 Mar 18
Good products that are great for oils Sagitta is the one I love it the most.
Jose Luis
Jose L.
20:52 09 Mar 18
Best Cannabis Dispensary in town I come here often. Amazing staff that will help you with all your needs. Sierra, Maggie , Lindsay are super awesome! same with the rest of the staff. Thanks guys!read more
That Guy
That G.
13:12 02 Dec 17
Loved it. Amazing atmosphere, GREAT staff and clean. At one point the waiting room had to be the most social place in South Florida. All the customers were talking with each other, laughing having great conversation, complete strangers. Amazing place. Cant wait to go back.read more
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