Lakers’ Jesse Buss Here’s What I Want Most … From New Neighbor LeBron James


It ain’t some extra ketchup, a lawn mower or even peace and quiet … no, the thing Lakers co-owner Jesse Buss wants most from new neighbor LeBron James??

“I’m sure his shoe collection is insane!”

Jesse just bought a $10 million mansion right up the street from Bron’s palace … so when we got the Lakers co-owner out at LAX — we had to ask, what do you want most from your new neighbor??

Buss says nothin’ but the kicks, tellin’ TMZ Sports, “That would be nice to look at.”

The one hang-up? Jesse says LeBron’s foot is a helluva lot bigger than his — so fashion advice might be the only thing he’d be able to take from The King’s closet.

As for their pads in Brentwood … Buss tells us the two are outta town so much — he ain’t expecting any block parties soon.

BUT … Jesse says he is down to share babysitters!!!

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