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Orthomolecular Nutrition & Wellness Center

9225 Ulmerton Rd – Suite 312

Largo, FL 33771

Specialties: Functional Medicine – Focusing on the Root Cause of Disease

Hours: M-F 10-5

Phone: 727-518-9808

Initial Visit: $250 – Follow-Up: $100 – Renewal: $100

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Patty Gaskin, Realtor
Patty Gaskin, Realtor
19:50 14 Jan 16
This is a wonderful "little Gem" ..I first stopped in for some "All natural" immune boosting supplements that worked a charm!I returned to have some problem areas on my skin resolved and was very pleased with the results after 1 session.I like this clinic because of its professional staff.It is very unassuming, and has none of the pompousness of an overpriced spa! Would highly recommendread more
Lorri Franckle
Lorri Franckle
02:21 02 Dec 15
The Orthomolecular Nutrition and Wellness Center specializes in treating patients as each having a unique metabolism, and in that regard each treatment is customized to th individual patient's needs. Finding one health center with so many therapies offered by distinguished experts is remarkable! I give them a sincere "Thumbs Up!" -Lorri Franckleread more
Melinda Hamsher
Melinda Hamsher
18:25 19 Aug 15
I used their services for medical weight loss. I am a 50's woman on HRT and the weight has been GLUED on for 20+ years. When the fat mountain is that large, it is really hard/impossible to defeat it on your own. I highly recommend the pre-screening blood test. It cost about $168 but was a real eye opener (not the same routine test your Dr. normally orders - more comprehensive)/ Dr. McCabe really understands the interaction of chemistry and the body. He was amazing in his ability to tie together all the tests and identify specific issues that were contributing to my weight issues or impeding my weight loss. He found things I didn't even know were off kilter! With that information in hand, we proceeded to the weight loss program with appropriate supplements. I chose HCG diet after research. I was very apprehensive but the staff was very knowledgeable and reassuring and the Plan is very strict and regimented. I felt safe in my little box. When I didn't feel right, had cravings, or low energy, staff was ready with the appropriate nutritional support (the Crave-X carb control is a miracle). Bottom line: Starting weight = 180, end weight after the 6 week program = 155. I cannot even describe how many inches I lost! I took weekly photos (front and side) and could REALLY see the difference! I lost more in inches than the weight indicated.I heard many stories about people who did lose the weight but then gained it all back. I was terrified! Once I was off the diet, I was out of my safe little box - what to do? What to eat? What Plan to use? Atkins? Paleo? Mediterranean? Weight watchers? HELP!!So I decided to just eat the same foods as the HCG diet but more of them, and I added more veggies and nuts. NO sugars, NO pastas, NO breads, NO unhealthy fats, NO exceptions. I eat all the meat I want and piles of veggies, salads, fruits, and quinoas and wild rices, and nuts and avocados for fats. I also cook in coconut oils now. The really good part - ta-da! I started the program in January 2015, was off mid Feb 2015 and because I continued to eat quality, healthy food thereafter, by April 2015 I was down to 138 and have held steady ever since!!! From size 14 to size 6/8! Haven't been this skinny since Jr. High a half century ago!Yes a lot of this success was making the personal commitment to change my lifestyle forever (no more French fries). The diet gives you the time, willpower and tools to make the transition. But the staff at OWN made it possible. I am forever grateful - LOVE YOU GUYS!read more
Kaelin Jutras
Kaelin Jutras
22:29 12 May 15
Orthomolecular Nutrition & Wellness Center takes pride in bringing you the most effective, holistic care!The clinic is clean, comfortable, & the professional staff provides top quality care! read more
D . Kennedy K
D . Kennedy K
01:38 09 Oct 18
First of all, I am not leaving reviews often. However, I felt I needed to take a moment and mentioned how very pleased I was with staff and the "Vampire" facial procedure. They made me feel like at home, treated with such care. I definitely will be back again for more services. I highly recommend to visit this wellness center.read more
Taylor Schalk
Taylor Schalk
22:17 25 Sep 18
This place is amazing! I've been to so many clinics, but no one gives you the attention and care like the staff at Orthomolecular. Mark and Neionie are so kind and always help you in any way possible. I love the UVLrx machine and get such a boost from it - and the Bemer is great too! They are good about scheduling and you can often get in for a treatment relatively quickly. They also have a fantastic variety of supplements for purchase.read more
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