Last Call for 10.13.20 — A prime-time read of what’s going down in Florida politics

Last Call — A prime-time read of what’s going down in Florida politics.

First Shot

Voters will head to the polls with economic concerns top-of-mind, according to a new poll from Florida Atlantic University.

The FAU Business and Economics Polling Initiative polled 644 likely Florida voters and found nearly two-fifths would be prioritizing pocketbook issues as they fill out their ballots, with pandemic-related concerns coming in at 18%, health care at 17% and racial equality at 11%.

The issue ranking comes as many Floridians still find themselves out of work, but the specter of a renewed surge in coronavirus infections could quickly flip the top two.

“The economy and the coronavirus are key issues for voters and if the perception of either issue changes so could people’s votes,” said FAU BEPI director Monica Escaleras, Ph.D.

FAU also asked voters how they plan to cast their ballots and 44% said they’re going postal.

The balloting preference tracks with the already unprecedented surge in mail voting — as of Tuesday morning nearly 1.8 million Floridians mail ballots had completed the round trip back to local election supervisors. Another 3.85 million ballots are in voters’ hands.

By comparison,

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