Last Call for 10.5.20 — A prime-time read of what’s going down in Florida politics

Last Call — A prime-time read of what’s going down in Florida politics.

First Shot

A month out from Election Day, mail ballots are flooding into supervisors of elections offices across the state.

According to data posted on the Florida Division of Elections website, more than 571,000 ballots had made the return trip as of Monday afternoon.

The data shows Democrats leading the way in mail voting, with 306,107 ballots turned in so far. That’s nearly double the 157,978 turned in by Republican voters.

Another 101,192 ballots have come from unaffiliated voters while 6,595 third-party voters have voted by mail.

Palm Beach County currently leads the state in returns with 90,225 ballots received followed by 71,034 in Broward and 64,189 in Hillsborough.

There are still millions more ballots waiting to be turned in — 4.79 million as of Monday’s count.

As in the return data, there are more Democrats who have their mail ballot in hand than voters from any other party.

Currently, about 2.15 million Democrats have received their ballot but have not yet turned it in. The same is true for about 1.52 million Republicans, 1.06 million independents, and 60,616 third-party voters.

More voters than ever are expected

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