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First Shot

As far as Brecht Heuchan’s concerned, Constitution Revision Commission proposals that haven’t made it to his Style & Drafting Committee are dead and buried.

With a caveat.

“The committee can adopt amendments” to proposals, said Heuchan, who chairs the committee. He spoke to a Florida Politics reporter right before its Thursday meeting. “My view of it is, I’m going to object to things that were defeated being reintroduced.

“But I’m one person,” he added. “These people may have their own view,” referring to other panel members.

By the end of the meeting, however, no one had mentioned or suggested bringing back anything that was killed outright or died while on “TP,” meaning temporarily postponed.

That includes the contentious and confusing Proposal 97, which would require 60 percent of voters casting a ballot in an election to approve a constitutional amendment, rather than 60 percent of those who vote on the particular ballot question.

The full commission had cleared 25 proposals after its three-day Session this week, including measures to ban offshore drilling, greyhound racing and indoor ‘vaping,’ put term limits on local school board members, and create a ‘bill of rights’ for crime victims.

Heuchan gave fellow committee members a homework assignment: To come up with their own suggested summaries and groupings of amendments, so voters won’t get ballot fatigue. The panel plans to meet again next Tuesday.

Eventually, finished proposals go back to the full commission, where they must receive no less than 22 votes to be placed on the ballot. Then they face a minimum approval of 60 percent of statewide voters to be added to the state constitution.

The commission’s final report

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