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First Shot

Bruce Nathan, the Stuart man now suing to get back on the ballot for governor as a no-party affiliated (NPA) candidate, knows he’s in a David-versus-Goliath battle with the state.

And that’s why he’s doing it.

“Somebody finally has to make this stand, (to say) that the Division of Elections doesn’t have the final word,” he told Florida Politics after a Monday afternoon bench trial. “It’s time for us, the people, to take our country back, our state back. The government has run over us.”

Nathan is suing the Division of Elections to get on the November ballot as an NPA candidate for governor, even though he lost the GOP primary for the office in August.

The longtime physical therapist, who’s never before held elected office, argued his own case Monday, schooling himself in the law over the last week, he said.

“We’re all no party affiliates first, then we put a party on top of that,” he told Circuit Judge Karen Gievers.

But to lose a partisan primary and then stay on the ballot

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