This state’s lawyers aren’t letting the grass grow under their feet when it comes to medical marijuana.

They want a piece of the business, which is predicted to generate $1.6 billion by 2020. That’s only three years away!

Helping potential growers, physicians and pharmacies thread through the expected slew of states and local rules will be a major windfall for lawyers.

But not all lawyers are high on marijuana.

Writing in the Florida Bar Journal, lawyer Bruce Reinhart of West Palm Beach warns that:

“With the passage in Florida and other states of laws permitting medical and recreational use of marijuana, lawyers are being asked to provide legal advice and legal services to the so-called “legal marijuana” industry. These lawyers should think carefully before dispensing advice. Despite what the states and advocates may say, legal marijuana does not exist. A marijuana business that fully complies with state law is still breaking federal law. Bluntly put, it is a criminal enterprise. 

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