Let’s Get Our Zs: Tips for Restful Bedrooms

One of the dilemmas of our modern 24/7 world is the temptation or pressure to always be on.

Always answer emails, even at night.

Always remember something else you absolutely must do, the minute you pull up the covers.

The only solution to sleep deprivation or a lack of rest is to simply prioritize it. Creating new habits can be a challenge, but that’s what you’ll need to get better sleep.

The good news is that changing your environment can help you change those habits. If you’re building a new custom Florida home or thinking about doing so, we’ve got some design tips for your new bedrooms.

Here’s how they can help you get your Zs.

Restful colors promote better sleep

You may love sleek black and bright red, but such edgy colors — and others like them — have been scientifically proven to help keep us awake.

Not by themselves, of course. Yet we all know how we feel in an open, airy room with soothing neutral shades of white, vanilla and gray, compared to kids’ rooms that scream cheery blues, greens and oranges.

Use intense colors as accents in a bedroom, with muted shades or neutral ones as the primary color. Natural elements such as wood floors

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