“I Love Your Searing of the Thief in Chief.”

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RE: One Day at a Time columnist Ann Romano’s weekly acknowledgment that the political situation in America is an untenable mess and our “president” is a “a racist, women-hating dotard” [One Day at a Time, Sept 27]. You know, regular gossip column stuff.

Dear Ann Romano: Please go back to your witty take on celebrity gossip. I looked forward to it every week. I really care about politics too, but I get my news from other sources. By the time your column comes out, it’s just a boring synopsis of what I already know. I want to have a temporary reprieve from the shitty state of political things by focusing on completely trivial and inconsequential celebrity shit when I read your column. Reading your column used to be a joyous waste of time; please return to the good stuff!


Dear Ann: You are one of the few writers I can actually consume the news through since Trump—who lost the popular vote by 2,864,974 votes—was elected president. I love your searing of the Thief in Chief. You are the reason I pick up the Mercury. Thanks for the humor in the face of dotard doom!



RE: “Patriot Prayer Group Planning Surprise Rally Sunday During Portland Marathon” [Blogtown, Oct 7], in which Editor in Chief Wm. Steven Humphrey shared this terrible news: “The right-wing organizer of this year’s various Patriot Prayer rallies, Joey Gibson, has called for a surprise rally tomorrow at 2 pm at Portland’s Terry Schrunk Plaza—probably not coincidentally at the same time as the Portland Marathon, which runs right past Terry Schrunk

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