Liberty Health Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Tampa Heights, FL

2814 W MLK Blvd
Tampa, FL 33607

Hours of Operation:

MON-FRI: 10:00AM-7:00PM
SAT: 10:00AM-2:00PM

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site



Tampa Heights – A Liberty Health Sciences dispensary is open at 2814 W Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Tampa, FL 33607. This Cannabis Education Center is here to service North Tampa in general. 

Liberty Health menu products in Tampa Heights include Mary’s Medicinals, Incredibles, Papas Herb, RIFF for PAX, Solei and more. Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric CBD care. 

Only registered Florida MedCard patients are granted access to legal cannabis products. You will need to have a medical cannabis recommendation from a local certified doctor in Boca Raton.

Liberty Health Products

Liberty Health Marijuana Deliveries RX – AVAILABLE NOW!

North Tampa – Liberty Health Sciences medical cannabis products can be ordered online and delivered to your door or business in Tampa Heights and throughout Hillsborough County from their Cannabis Education Centers (CEC) locations. 

Liberty has scheduled delivery runs throughout the state. Please call 833.254.4877 or email to schedule a delivery for Mary’s Medicinals, Incredibles, Papas Herb, RIFF for PAX, and Solei products.

Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!

Liberty Health Aphria CEC

What People Are Saying

Alex McNulty (ZAChase217)
Alex McNulty (.
15:27 03 Dec 21
LHS is the best value for your money. They almost always have a sale going on, and when they don’t, the budtenders always have your back and try to use your points or a coupon or something; they just always do that little extra that makes it seem like they actually care. And they deliver too, which is beyond more
J Aponte
J A.
17:48 21 Nov 21
Great dispensary. Awesome staff. Please know that the location is in a MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING. So don't plan to see a big store front . They have potent flower and the RSO IS GREAT. Nice Veterans more
02:55 17 Nov 21
Great customer service. Great product. Would be even more excited if they offered other discounts. Other than that it is all good. 🌞read more
catherine lepage
catherine L.
19:24 12 Nov 21
One of the best dispensaries in town! The staff makes my day everytime I come in, and always offer recommendations and advice. Love liberty health sciences!!!read more
Patrick Scudder
Patrick S.
02:23 29 Oct 21
Tampa Heights staff was very helpful. So happy I found them. Def recommend .
Shivago Reeves
Shivago R.
16:28 06 Oct 21
Liberty Health Sciences in Tampa heights id's always awesome.. They treat you like family and it's always awesome when they know your name before looking it up. I'll keep coming more
Raven Cato
Raven C.
17:56 23 Sep 21
I can always depend on Liberty Health Sciences to not only give me quality medication, but also always very affordable. This dispensary will always be my go to out of any dispo. Thank you for caring about your patients!!read more
Kayla Peralta
Kayla P.
20:40 10 Sep 21
Small and compact little store inside of a little shopping plaza. The employees are super nice and knowledgeable!
Cheryl Mclaughlin
Cheryl M.
19:58 04 Sep 21
Order online close to destination and order was correct ready and sale price applied great experience
cathy gmiter
cathy G.
09:10 12 Aug 21
It is I guess the smallest dispensary in all of Florida and if you find the place you will find the nicest people. I appreciate the sales they have. Tip'xxx they are located inside memorial hospital parking lot......🤭read more
Trapped On Vacation
Trapped On V.
01:28 06 Aug 21
This is a pretty good dispensary to visit it's not my top one or two but there are some standout products that I completely would recommend getting here.If you're going to be visiting Liberty health science I totally recommend picking up some PAX vape pods the granddaddy purple and Skywalker are highly recommended in my book.The lemon and grass line of tinctures and topical products are a great go-to for my day-to-day well-being.This is one of the more expensive places to get tinctures and topicals but you can sometimes find a great more
Mike B
Mike B
21:18 22 Jul 21
More indoor flower with humidity packs would make the experience better. getting better but have a long way to go
Jordan Turner
Jordan T.
01:05 10 Jul 21
I went when there was a sale. Got 3 of their best Honey carts and a gram of banana og wax for under $100 Couldn't believe more
Erin Nachtigal
Erin N.
21:41 30 Mar 21
This company as a whole is amazing. I frequent 3 of their stores regularly and have never had anything but a great experience at all of them. You will never meet friendlier or more knowledgeable staff than at LHS. The products they sell are phenomenal as more
Ramie Holmes
Ramie H.
00:46 25 Feb 21
I actually like this place. Everyone is super friendly. Love it even more when they have sales. My only recommendation is that they have a more visual menu. All the names with no pics on a sheet is overwhelming to me. I can't keep straight what is what like which are sativa etc. Think they can benefit from a screen like Muv more
Andrew Sherman
Andrew S.
14:52 11 Dec 20
The liberty health sciences south tampa location is a good experience every time I go. The staff is great and will talk to you about products you have questions for. It’s a five star rating from more
Dimitris Papaeconomou
Dimitris P.
18:56 03 Dec 20
Liberty has been my go to dispensary since I got my patient card. All of their concentrates taste amazing and their prices are unbeatable. The staff are really nice and helpful. The only problem I have is the store is small and hard to findread more
Screwdriver Kelly
Screwdriver K.
14:57 25 Oct 20
First time discount not available for flower. Kinda shady that's not mentioned online. Got whole flower. It had one bud and the other 2.5 grams where the size of skittles and smaller. Found one lone stem.It's supposed to be 22 percent thc. I would dispute that if I had the know how. Flower was super dry. You can hear it crunch in your fingers. Staff was kind and more
Simon George
Simon G.
15:04 15 Oct 20
When I first became legal, I started shopping at wherever was advertised to me... until I found this hidden gem. You’ll find flower at other places for MORE THAN twice the cost of flower here... and it’s just as good! I think LHS sets a great example for the rest of the industry (hopefully they catch up and lower their prices because until then, I only shop here)read more
Heather Dear-Kid
Heather D.
22:20 08 Oct 20
Love this dispensary! Very knowledgeable and willing to answer any and all questions. Fair price all the time.
11:57 24 Sep 20
Very helpful and informative staff. Difficult to locate building. Don't give up.
kc hempel
kc H.
15:11 18 Sep 20
friendly, professional, competent and so helpful. lovely people work here. the Papas Herb vape carts are a steal and have the fruitiest terps.they have sales all the time so check em out!read more
A Google User
A Google U.
20:23 17 Sep 20
Great place with quantity. However, it it tough to find. Building management evidently won't allow them to put up a sign on Swann Ave. I drove by it today and I've been there three time prior!I'm doubtful they get a break on the rent.But I got the goods. Thank you!Also, the staff are very helpful and more
Jade Sanchez
Jade S.
20:48 11 Sep 20
Best dispensary ever, very friendly and helpful staff. They will not hesitate to answer any questions or concerns. Very clean environment. Blue Dream flower has helped me so much with my PTSD and GAD. My depression has extremely eased down. I recommend this place to the more
Bob Smith
Bob S.
21:34 10 Sep 20
WOW!! Showed up @ the right time @ the wrong place....LOL They welcomed me with a smile & a joke!! Btw Good 1 !!!Had just what I NEEDED & THEY were happy 2 HELP !! Love the Bio-D!! Never caught any ground BioD on my side of town?? only bigz n I went on a adventure 2 Tampa Heights...i was convinced by Google Maps...😄...LOLShowed up @ HYDE PARK Location....LOL HAHA !! No way couuld it could b operater error...HAHA!!!! Anyways was a Absolute Pleasure!! BTW ppl their ground has sparkles!!! YAYA !!Big Thanks 2 You'll !! C you'll on my next adventure 2??? LOL Peace 🎩read more
Harvey Cooper
Harvey C.
11:19 10 Sep 20
Good product but showroom way to small
Michael Bassett
Michael B.
13:40 06 Aug 20
Really low quality distillate. They don't even know thier own extraction methods. They had to call the manager just to be able to answer questions i had about ethanol And thier co2 extracted distillate. It's garbage. Do Not waste your money like I did. One of the syringes I got was dark dark more
christina uranowski
christina U.
21:05 24 Jul 20
Very small store and you wait in the hallway for long periods. Very very few flower options, this week only two. Also, the website does not work properly or at all. They say it does but it really doesn't. I'm very familiar with computer software and websites. They can easily fix these problems but there is an extreme lack of creativity with this group. For instance, they can post a sign and ask people to take a number and wait outside, plenty of shaded sidewalk and a few benches. No one wants to wait 15 minutes in a narrow hallway line, in a building with people coming and going from other businesses. Just a complete lack of creativity and consideration for workers, but mostly for customers. Easy fix why dont you do it? The other issues is super-ridiculous easy-- Hire someone who is adept at website design and get it working user friendly. Easy more
Natural & Loc'ed
Natural & L.
17:38 09 Jul 20
My favorite dispensary I love when they offer the 7grams shake
Adrian Dones
Adrian D.
00:39 26 Jun 20
The THC% on the flower I ordered online was completely different than what I received. I only buy flower that has a THC % of 17 or higher. When I ordered my 7 eighths they were all over 17% online, but then I got home and all the flower was under 14% THC except one eighth that was 21%. Most of the bud was dry and small. The gelato looks like lawn shavings. Will not be going back to liberty. The product is more
Jasmine T
Jasmine T
16:39 27 May 20
This is by far the best place I’ve encountered! The store associates are extremely knowledgeable and professional. I wish I had found them sooner! The prices and product range are incredible! If they had 10 starts on here, they’d get a full 10 from me!!!read more
jason earley
jason E.
20:23 15 May 20
Walked in for the very 1st time and found zero customers and four employees in a group. I asked for sativa and they said no, maybe their other store has some and it may be worth a call because they're just 10 minutes away. I said great! They handed me a business card with the other store's number on it. 4 employees, 2 landlines, I'm guessing 4 cell phones, and I, a paying customer was given a chore. I have no idea if the other store had any. I can just go to Flient or Surterra or Trulieve or Curaleaf more
Dennis Davison
Dennis D.
16:16 21 Apr 20
The folks at LHS are some of the friendliest & helpful folks you could ask for. Prices are a little under the area's average costs. But like most other dispensaries, flower is limited. Ask about their point system, it can be helpful saving a few bucks. Overall, I would recommend LHS in south Tamparead more
Questionably Honest Reviews
Questionably Honest R.
21:57 16 Mar 20
Staff are amazing and good product, but it sounds like Chris may have a croup cough. If you don’t offer mandatory two week sick leave that’s paid, you need to!read more
Jardin La Fleur
Jardin La F.
14:49 15 Feb 20
You cannot count on the delivery service from calling to order - getting it delivered. Messed up so many times. What happened to me on February 14, when had been calling every day and was promised, was unbelievable - not only did not get my order when promised - the medication needed as promised even when calling every day. I suggest if you get delivery call over and over again to confirm; get a firm confirmation more than once. And never ever let the call center say “We will call you back when medication comes in” DO NOT TRUST THAT. DO NOT TRUST YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED EITHER. DON’T TRUST THE DELIVERY DATE THEY GIVE YOU. Being a patient since 2008 not here; find things not up to par. 40$ for 1/8 of scrubs with stems is not a "good thing" in other states would not be sold but put towards edibles or free for hospice patients but here in Florida it is all about $$$$ who cares how sick you are; no one cares you don't get discounts if you are disabled; terminally ill or in hospice. Order to delivery needs to be more coordinated patients should know have TRUE information at all times. You never know always changing. You will go without medication if you are too sick to drive and depend on this more
Cristian Munoz
Cristian M.
18:08 02 Jan 20
Love the staff! Service is always impeccable and the staff is always warm & welcoming. I also appreciated that they were so knowledgeable. The products are well priced. That in combination with how fast they are makes them one of the best dispensaries in FL! 10/10 recommend!read more
Thomas Russo
Thomas R.
16:48 06 Dec 19
Best quality medical flower. Great discounts for veterans/first responders. Liberty has also been running Flower Friday specials. Always busy but very fast more
04:22 06 Dec 19
Overall I was happy with my experience at Liberty Health Science. The staff was extremely pleasant, and also very well informed in regards to products and overall industry knowledge. The prices were fair, and the first time customer coupon was really nice.A pretty good variety of products to choose from with a couple familiar name brands as well as a few other ones as well. Overall the store is quite small, and offers a medium amount of different product. Also, the store location isn’t the most convenient for first time shoppers. To conclude it was a nice petite dispensary that is close to the downtown area, and does a good job at serving its customers. Thanks guys!Update: I have recently been picking up flower that has been poorly trimmed. Would like to see this more
Danny Shaw
Danny S.
05:12 16 Nov 19
This tiny hole in the wall pot shop is run by the most patient and courteous folks I’ve ever met in the industry. That on top of the fact that their product offerings are diverse and effective AND their prices are some of the best in Tampa. Bomb flower that is usually in more
Alexander Casas
Alexander C.
19:54 11 Oct 19
Been coming here ever since I became a cannabis patient. By far the friendliest most interactive one I've tried out of 4. They treat you nicely, have patience, and answer any questions you throw at them. The space they operate out of is a little small, so lines may look like going out of the room and to the main doorway but don't let that turn you off. They work quick and efficiently I never had to wait more than 20 minutes even on a busy day!Bonus, they have discount deals from time to time and you accumulate points for discounts. They're more
valerie maud
valerie M.
15:56 25 Jun 19
Wow! Just wow.. so nice to go to a dispensary as a new patient and talk to folks who KNOW WHAT THEYRE DOING. Try know the products. They take the time to listen and help you make the best choices for you!! I’d give 5 stars but FINDING it is a bit of a challenge—even with GPS. Signage is nonexistent and nothing on website let’s you know to look for CICERO MEDICAL GROUP—yes, suite #400...and parking BLOWS due to the heavy traffic and medical complex... not enough handicapped parking and had to park on the hospital side-not easily done with a DAV and 100% disabled patient/passenger with limited more
valerie maud
valerie M.
15:56 25 Jun 19
Wow! Just wow.. so nice to go to a dispensary as a new patient and talk to folks who KNOW WHAT THEYRE DOING. Try know the products. They take the time to listen and help you make the best choices for you!!I’d give 5 stars but FINDING it is a bit of a challenge—even with GPS. Signage is nonexistent and nothing on website let’s you know to look for CICERO MEDICAL GROUP—yes, suite #400...and parking BLOWS due to the heavy traffic and medical complex... not enough handicapped parking and had to park on the hospital side-not easily done with a DAV and 100% disabled patient/passenger with limited more
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